Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette with Granite Stone Grill Top

Swissmar KF-77045
Swissmar KF-77045

I f you are looking for an indoor grill that will allow you to cook many different types of dishes while you grill cheese at the same time you may want to look into the Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette with Granite Stone Grill Top. One of the few things that we can find that is wrong with this grill is its extremely long name! Besides that though, it is really great for serving and cooking appetizers. Its design allows many people to participate in the cooking and serving at once which makes it great for parties!

About The Product

This grill has a granite stone grill top that is perfect slow cooking veggies and even meat. The lower portion has room for 8 Raclette spatulas that are going to be cooked simultaneously. This makes the grill great for cooking and also keeping ingredients warm at all times. You can just set it in the middle of the table and it will allow everyone to enjoy different types of food and actually contribute to starting conversations. Great for inviting your boss over!

Key Features

  • Granite Stone Grill Top That Measures 9 by 14-inch
  • 8-heat Resistant Spatulas
  • 8 Raclette Dishes
  • Variable Heat Control
  • 1200 Watts of Power

Our Results

Right off the bat what we found out when we first used it was that it serves its purpose perfectly. We did not get something that we were not expecting. They are telling you its a party grill and it works great for parties. You can have your little Teppanyaki style grill set for when you have friends over and it truly sparks conversation. It also makes things a lot easier on a host. You are not running to the kitchen all of the time to get everyone’s plates and you end up missing out on the conversation. The serve yourself concept is great! It's like having a huge chips bowl with different dips and you can pass it around. Except, in this case, you can use it at more formal gatherings instead of just on Sundays when your friends are scattered on the couch watching football. All in all, we liked the experience and the product, but we will get to more on that later on!  


What Others Say

For a product that has been around this long, it has been listed on Amazon since 2003, it has very solid reviews! We are almost always expecting those extreme haters of the product to show up and for the most, we could not find any for this particular product. There were people out there that were talking about minor details that we also notice that the product could do better on. What we got a lot of where people who wanted to boast about the fact that they were introduced to the product in Europe and fell in love with it ever since. Buying a product to remind you of your European vacation though could lead to some mixed results. A lot of those memories you may want to keep immaculate. Anyway, pretty good reviews, no wonder it has been around for so long!

What We Liked

The one part that we absolutely loved about this product where the 8 spatulas and dishes that can be cooked and heated underneath the grill. It really allows the food to stay warm, cheese melts perfectly so you can imagine all of the different dishes that you are going to be able to make with this grill. We are grill guys, so you can probably guess that we have our doubts always when it comes to electric grills. At times we have come across products that even altered the flavor of certain dishes. This grill does not do that at all so that is always something that we want to point out and celebrate. Overall it is a pretty good product and we really had a lot of fun with it! If we had to choose one word to describe the product it would actually be fun!

What We Did Not Like

As we just finished mentioning we were really overjoyed with the experience that we had with the product overall. That may not seem like a bad thing, but here is where we think that things may go south. So much of this product is based on the experience that it may become a novelty product. We have a hard time thinking that anyone could use this product on a daily basis. It is not the worst thing in the world to only come out on Sundays though! The granite stone top is kind of limiting in our eyes. It works great for slow cooking ingredients. You really can’t put some steaks there though and expect it to work some magic. Also, it can be a nightmare to clean! So great for guests not so great for the host though in that regard! 

Buying Advice

As with a lot of these products you really have to go into the buying process knowing exactly what it is that you are buying. Let’s be honest here you are buying more of a unique experience than a grill. If you are looking for that experience this grill is great! Again, if you have no friends you won’t have many opportunities to take full advantage of it! Also, knowing the limits of this grill could really help. We did not love the fact that it came with only a granite stone grill top because you may need to pre-cook a lot of ingredients before putting them there. If you need a more conventional grill this may not be it for you! Do some research and make sure that this is what you are looking for!

Final Verdict

We can’t blame the grill for not being something that it is not advertised to be! We really think this grill is perfect for lighter meals, appetizers and occasional gatherings. It sparks great conversations and it looks really cool. Just like those people who were introduced to the grill in Europe you are bound to wow a couple of your guests. If what we just said is something that you are going for hit buy and get it delivered tomorrow! 4 out 5 on this one.

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