Swissmar KF-77041 Classic 8-Person Raclette

Are you looking for a grill that you can use, to party, serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then you should really think about giving the Swissmar KF-77041 a good look! This is one of the more complete party grills on the market today hands down. And there are plenty of good reasons why this is so. It is really, a simple little grill that can do it all. We don’t want to start praising it too much ahead of time though, and then shift gears all the way at the end! It might be better to give you more info about the grill for now. 

About The Product

Like other grills in Swissmar’s 8-Person Raclette line, it has one grill top, and it comes with 8 spatulas and plates. You have a little more control on the heat level in this one which is something that is much appreciated. The levels are pretty easy to differentiate and it takes a little getting used to, but you can get the hang of it quickly. One of the most awesome features it has is the fact that it only weighs 9 pounds! No need to be The Rock to take it anywhere!

Key Features

  • Reversible grill top
  • Reversible grill top
  • Variable heat control. Enamel base finish
  • Eight heat-resistant spatulas
  • Dimensions, 4.50 Length, 3.50 Width, 17.50 Height, Weight 9 pounds

Our Results

With the other Swissmar grills we had hosted a party to test them out. With the Swissmar KF-77041, we did not know who else to invite since our friends were not too fond of having to bring their own food again so we tested it out by serving some pancakes as an office breakfast treat! We have to say that we are truly glad that we did that because we were able to explore a lot of different sides of this grill that we would not have been able to in a party atmosphere. We had no problem with sticky pancakes or anything like that. The only real problem we found was that we may need to get a new cook!       


What Others Say

We almost did not want to go out and find other people’s opinion, because we had liked it so much, but we did find a couple of statements out there that may be true! Everyone pretty much agrees that it is very easy to clean however you really have to make sure that you clean it and dry it properly. People reported some durability issues, we can totally see that happening especially for those people that want to use it once and store it away. We actually believe that cleaning it out and keeping it outside the box may be better for it. Overall, people complimented the great experiences that they had. We saw a couple of red flags here and there with durability. Is that enough to see it slide down our ranks though?

What We Liked

We really liked the versatility that this grill brings to the table, literally! Most of these grills limit you to cooking small meats and veggies. We were super excited about this grill top though. Pancakes, omelets, we know that we said breakfast lunch and dinner with this grill, but if we had to pick one it would be just perfect for breakfast. You could cook pancakes, bacon, eggs, and cheese all at the same time! The advantage here is you dont have to dirty a bunch of pans, jut the grill top. We are just getting exciting thinking about those possibilities. If you have the counter-space, the grill could be used daily.  You may think that maybe leaning more towards breakfast could be a bad thing, but we really don’t see it that way. You really don’t need an 8 person party to bust out the grill. All you need is for it to be your off day and you can find some time to cook! So overall, it could actually be less of a novelty product!

What We Did Not Like

Since we started looking at the reviews, we really paid attention to all of the little details a little harder and we do have to say that it is quite fragile. It is not like we can expect a super heavy duty 9-pound grill in the first place. The problem is though people can get pretty careless at parties and if the grill can’t take that then it kind losses a lot of its main purpose. We see it as more of a product that is going to help moms and dads feed their kids quicker. You can make amazing meals, but when you really get down to it, it is not really as advertised!

Buying Advice

If you plan on ordering this product online especially if the whole process is handled by an Amazon warehouse just be extra careful! There are some people who are reporting that they got a different grill in the mail. Many of these grills look very similar so the guys in charge of the shipping process can make an honest mistake fairly easily. The prices on these grills vary, so just make sure that you get what you paid for. Other than that we would recommend that you be very conscious about what you are buying. Knowing that it has some durability concerns we just could say try and make sure that you treat it with extra care and be aware of how long your warranty is and things of that nature so you won’t have major issues with the product!

Final Verdict

We were back and forth with this one after the concerns that popped up with durability. In the end, though we cannot ignore the fact that you are truly able to make some great dishes with this product. All in all, there are no concerns about very important factors in a grill. The grill heats up quickly it cooks evenly it is fairly easy to use. It checks out all of the boxes the only concern that we have is that it may not be a great idea to take it out in parties and have people eating off of it because of it being so fragile. Does 4 out of 5 stars sound fair?       

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