Boska Holland Partyclette Review

I f you are a cheese lover then this is really a product that you need to take a good look at. The Boska Holland Partyclette is a device that is able to melt any type of cheese within minutes. It works with candles that light up the grill. Which means that you are not going to have to worry about lighting up the device with different cables and things like that. It’s a quick way to be able to melt cheese and to be able to do it effectively.   

About The Product

This is a product that is great to take anywhere. That is one of the main benefits that we believe that you are going to get with this product. You can literally take it anywhere if you have an outdoor date night this could be a great product to bring along. It comes with three candles, the base, and the spatula. It is incredibly easy to use and it does not stick. There is also an 8-pan version of this product that works exactly the same. You have the pans that are heated up by the candles that run underneath. It is easy to use, easy to light if you need to melt some cheese it is one of the best ways to do so!

Key Features

  • Heated by a candle - no lighter fluid, no cords
  • NON-STICK: The pan has a non-stick coating
  • The foldable design is portable and easy to store
  • Includes Barbeclette, frame, spatula, and 3 tea lights
  • Very Cool!

Our Results

We really liked the product overall. It was as advertised when it came down to the actual performance. We were a bit worried that it would take a little bit more to heat up than what was originally advertised. Overall though it did a very decent job. We actually tried it out with different types of cheese. Obviously, the time that it is going to take to melt each type of cheese may vary. That is something that you have to account for. What we would tell people is to stay within the lines. Don’t try to cram too much cheese at one time. If you do you run the risk of it not melting correctly or it sticking to the pan. Just avoid all that by sticking to decent portions and plan ahead we could say. That way you won’t be too much in a hurry to melt the cheese!


What Others Say

This is usually one of our favorite sections because we find some bizarre comments from people. There are people that said that the cheese hardened after they removed it from the grill. In our eyes that is not something that you can blame on the product. We really advise that you know the type of cheese that you are working with. This can really help with potential disappointments. One of the issues that we also looked at had to do with durability. If the candles run out could we just go out and buy any type of candle? That is a question that we also hope to answer in the near future. When we do we may even go in and answer some of the doubts that people may have!

What We Liked

We actually liked the overall experience that we had with this product. We just sort of turned it on and let it go to work while we prepared a lot of the other parts of the food that we were going to enjoy. When we turned around minutes later the cheese was ready and waiting. You can’t really expect an extremely quick turn around time, but in our eyes it is decent. The fact that you don’t have to worry about plugging it in anywhere or hooking it up to a natural gas source is also a great benefit. You can literally take this product anywhere that you like.    

What We Did Not Like

We talked about some of the issues that other people had here recently. One of the things that we did not like was the fact that the entire product depends on 3 candles. We like the versatility that this brings as you can take it anywhere. If something goes wrong here though, you may be looking at a major problem with the whole product. Other than that though we really did not have some of the other problems that people cited. The reason that we were able to avoid a lot of these issues that may have caused us to unjustifiably trash this product was that we read the manual! We really cannot stress that enough. Get to know how the product works before you want to start quickly using it!

Buying Advice

We read some reviews from people who claimed that they had no idea where they could return the product. So this is something that we think is important that we can address. From what we have seen there is an option to get the delivery fulfilled by Amazon. If you are one of those people that is not too fond about buying things online you are going to want to be sure you can trust the seller. So just buy it off the Amazon fulfillment program. They will handle the shipping and all of the complaints that you may have can go directly to Amazon and not a third party!

Final Verdict

If you are into the hole raclette experience and we are going to assume that most of you are because you are reading this all the way through then we are actually not too convinced that you should hit the buy button! Our reasoning has really nothing to do with this particular product. The thing is if you have a raclette grill you can actually melt cheese in a variety of ways that may make buying this particular product not so necessary. On the other hand, if you like to grill outdoors and you want to bring a whole new flavor to your burgers and things like that then hit buy right away! This is a very cool add-on type of product that you are not going to have to spend a lot of money on!    Check out the Boska Holland on Amazon.

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